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November 11, 2017






I will dress you up, I will slut you out, I will do what Me, and my Girlfriends

choose carefully,

to amuse ourselves with,





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Strap On Sex

May 31, 2017

Strap On Sex

Strap on sex can be an essential part of your sexual health! Knowing what you are doing, however, is key to enjoying it to the fullest capacity. Having the right equipment, instructions, and even partner, can turn a GREAT experience, into a sexual Disneyland; That you will want to visit EVERY chance you get!

When picking out the right equipment, for you, or your partner, make sure to choose quality.

Think of your strap on dildo, as an investment into maintaining optimum sexual health.  If you purchase good quality, your new strap-on addition, will bring you many times, and many hours, of enjoyment!

I recommend you shop for a good quality  strap on, made of pure silicone. They are easy to clean, and last and safe for all.

I also recommend you begin using a strap on, that is a reasonable size. You can work up to a bigger size in the future, but taking it slow, will avoid a lot of issues that might make your experience, less than desirable. You can also purchase other toys, to aid in this, such as a butt plug, a thinner dildo, or a vibrator. This will help you, or your partner, “warm up”, in order to have a more intense experience; Such as harder, deeper, faster, or a larger strap-on sized toy. When you allow yourself and your partner to start slow, you ensure that all will be relaxed, which equals an even better time for everyone.

The next piece of equipment you will need is a good and sturdy harness. The bigger and heavier, the strap on dildo, you choose, the more heavy duty harness will be needed for optimal desired movement. I recommend choosing a good quality harness, that allows you to attach different strap on dildos, so that you can use your harness for whichever strap on  cock you are in the mood for. A reasonable price, for a harness, is typically going to be $30 or higher. My favorites are made of leather, because they stand up to intense use, and last a long time, comparatively.

Don’t forget the lube! You will want to choose a great quality lube, that stays slippery with a lot of friction. I recommend lubrication, made of silicone.

Strap on sex is full of endless possibilities of pleasure. From oral, to anal, to vaginal and stroking fun; You can practice your skills, and try something new and exciting!

Looking good, while you have strap on sex with your new toys adds to the excitement and fun! Check out hot BDSM Clothing Here:

Hot BDSM Strap On Sex Clothing

Bdsm Mistress – Elise Graves In Lockdown

October 16, 2012

Elise Graves is the star of our show but for just a little bit she is going to need to share the limelight with the 3 hot sluts in her cage. There is going to be a lot of bare flesh pressed together before we take her out to play. Front and center, alone, Elise is open to whatever torments we can devise. Iron boots keep her literally screwed into the floor, so she is not going anywhere.

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