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Bdsm Mistress – Elise Graves In Lockdown

October 16, 2012

Elise Graves is the star of our show but for just a little bit she is going to need to share the limelight with the 3 hot sluts in her cage. There is going to be a lot of bare flesh pressed together before we take her out to play. Front and center, alone, Elise is open to whatever torments we can devise. Iron boots keep her literally screwed into the floor, so she is not going anywhere.

Bdsm Mistress – Three Hot Models Return

October 16, 2012

This week features three of our hottest fucks coming back for another round of brutal poundings. Remy, Ash and Penny are looking for more. They want more cock. They want more bondage. They want more brutal and humiliating domination. If it takes action this intense for them to get off I don’t know how they every cum without us.  Their desires run deep and dark, but we satisfy


How to be a Good BDSM Mistress

August 1, 2012

Being a BDSM mistress is all about balancing your
submissive’s/slave’s sexual needs with your own sexual needs. BDSM mistresses
must use their ability to control, interpret and ask for input to judge what
the sub needs and what is too much for them. A BDSM mistress slave relationship
relies on that balance to function properly and without it you will just be a
brutal mistress without any of the inherent fun of it. So how do you be a good
BDSM mistress? Well you embrace these five simple tips to harnessing your inner
dominant mistress.

Always be in Control

A BDSM mistress is always in control, from the very moment the scene begins to
the end of it and if you and your slave are practicing the lifestyle rather
than playing at it, that control must always be in check, even when anger
bubbles up to the surface. Without that control the power balance in the
relationship is tipped too far in the wrong direction and can have dangerous
effects for both the dominant mistresses (you) and your slave/submissive.

Be Creative

Mistress worship is always wonderful, but sometimes a creative outlet for the
mistress/slave relationship is needed. Find new and unique ways to embrace each
of your dynamics such as incorporating BDSM humiliation in interesting ways or
bringing in new toys and tools to keep your submissive happy.

Stay Consistent

Consistency is key to having a fulfilling BDSM mistress slave relationship.
Give you sub/slave the security and grounding they need to find the calm peace
inside of them by providing consistent discipline and praise for following
directions. Furthermore, when they fail to follow directions, use consistent
practices as well like BDSM humiliation to reinforce that same calm peace that they

Offer Respect

A good BDSM mistress understands that even though she is the dominant, her
submissive/slave deserves respect even when the power exchange is in process.
Dominant mistresses who do not embrace this practice will find that the
relationship is in danger of causing harm to both them and their slave.

Use Safe Sexual

Safe sexual practices need to be followed to keep everyone happy and healthy.
BDSM mistresses should protect themselves and their submissives by doing things
such as receiving regular checks for STDs, following safety guidelines for
accidents where blood is drawn, using sexual protection when needed and using a
firm but precise hand when disciplining a submissive.

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